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marissa fennell's Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in marissa fennell's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 7th, 1999
8:03 am
Hey what's up? I'm ok today. Well my night sucked I went to the mall to go christmas shopping it was packed and I could'nt get everything I wanted and I also saw Marc for a minute he met my mom and dad they like him so I got lucky.Four years ago today would have been mine and my exboyfriends annaversarey but we broke up than he died in a car crash so I'm not in the greatest mood I'm sad today and when I see Marc I know I will feel better.Well I got to go I will see ya'll later by.Remember peace and love ya'll peace and love.
Monday, December 6th, 1999
12:59 pm
Hey whats up?I'm fine and I'm back to get you no just jovking with you.I had an ok morning but I don't feel so good today I better not be sick I hate getting sick and I'm cold i hate school I'm olny in 9th i goy 3 more years to go.Well i got to go i will write later by.
7:36 am
Hi my weekend was great I saw all my friends at the mall and I can't wait until my 16 birthday than I can drive also I won't have to ask my mom ti drive me everywhere.I'm in homeroom right now I wann tell you about a dream I had last night it was about Marc and this girl named Heather she us a bitch everyone hates her anyway Marc Heather and are in math class in my dream not in real life but Marc is in my math class for real and Marc and Heather are a couple in my dream and whenever Heather tells me about her and my crush Marc are a couple I go crazy and I call her a bitch because she is and than Marc said to Heather it is over than he kissed me on the lips talk about a sweet ending at the end of a scary dream.
Friday, December 3rd, 1999
8:00 am
Hey sup? I'mnfine let me tell you about myself I'm 15(16 in march)I was born on march 7,1984 I have 1 brother 19 and 1 sister 6 I hate being the middle child it sucks.Well I also like alot of hip-hop r&b rap and the boy band music I'm a huge nsync fan I love Justin Randall Timberlake he is sooooooooooooo hott!!! Now don't get me wrong I like bsb and 5ive and lfo and 98 degress they are good to but I love Nsync theres no dout about it so today is FRIDAY I can't wait until tonight I'm going to blazers with Marc my crush and he knows that I like him I think he likes me to cause he always flurts with me all during hisyory,math and lunch so I hope I get a kiss from him tonight we kissed once but that was a dare at a "PARTY" that was the best party i've ever been to.I'm watchinc channell 1 news right now so this is the olny time I can type in live journal cause my day is so damm packed so I do it in the morning.I'm going to MrsC class now cooking is so fun I sit with 4 realy hott guys 2 are in 10 and 2 are in 12 so I guess I got lucky.Well I got to go the bell is going to ring see ya'll soon peace and love ya'll peace and love.Your friend Missy(Marissa is my real name)
7:59 am
hott babes now nsync is a hott band.I love there new video "BYE BYE BYE it is awsome.If I were ever with Justin I would never make him say bye bye bye to me ya know.I have a boyfriend now his name is Carl and I love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much he is the sweetest guy I will ever know I think we will be togeather forever.Well got to go love ya'll.marisa
Thursday, December 2nd, 1999
8:12 am
boy bands
Tuesday, November 30th, 1999
12:52 pm
Monday, November 22nd, 1999
8:07 am
[life]Hey guys sup? I'm cool today but it is monday morning and i'm tired so my weekend was fun i went out to the movies with 7 of my friends we all had a blast.
Friday, November 19th, 1999
7:49 am
Wednesday, November 17th, 1999
8:05 am
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